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What do we do?

International Aircraft Operator guidance and support

We work with Airlines and aircraft operators worldwide to provide critical flight information, and a 24-hour mission support service through our network of Flight Service Stations. Find out what we're about.


Flight Service


LDOC (Long Distance Operational Control) assistance service through HF SSB, VHF, SATCOM, or ACARS.


Regularly published International Ops Notices, Circulars and Bulletins


Full flight ops document library, and Airport and Country information and contact databases

Payment Services

Billing and Payment gateways for Airlines and Aircraft Operators to settle Airport and Government charges

Ad-hoc Flight Guidance

Assistance with planning non-routine flights including Handling, Fuel, and Airport arrangements.

Air Traffic Rights

Assistance with obtaining CAA permission for regular or ad-hoc flights

Route Cost Analysis

Individual route analysis, predicted charges, challenges, and recommendations for non-routine flights

Charts and Trip Kits

The Bureau publishes regional Area Famil Charts (AFC's) and provides route specific Trip Kit assistance

Meteorological Services

Customised weather charts and reports.

SNN Flight Service station

Shannon, Ireland Station Manager: Michelle Boreland
Regions covered: EUR, NAT, NAM
Regional service: NAT/MNPS • ETOPS Planning • Eurocontrol FPL’s

Code Location Email Phone SITA
  SNN Shannon +353-76-680-5584 SNNEIXH

DOH Flight Service station

Doha, Qatar Station Manager: Megan Pados
Region covered: EUR MID ASI
Code Location Email Phone AFTN
  DOH Doha +1-321-351 0333 DOHFSXH

AKL Flight Service station

Auckland, New Zealand Station Manager: Enda Murphy
Regions covered: ASI PAC
Regional service: Aus/NZ, Antarctica, Pacific Ocean Routes, South Pacific, EROPS, Flight Planning Support

Code Location Email Phone SITA
  AKL Auckland +1-321-351 0333 AKLFSXH

HNL Flight Service station

Honolulu, HI, USA
Regions covered: ASI PAC NAM
Specialist services: LDOC/Comms • PACOTS • Met Services • Fuel Services

Code Location Email Phone AFTN
  HNL Honolulu +1-800-809-0767 HNLFSXH

MCO Flight Service station

Orlando, FL, USA Station Manager: William D'Farnesio
Regions covered: NAM CAR SAM
Regional service: US Entry • TSA Waivers • CBP Decals • eAPIS • Border Overflight • Cenamer • Latin America • Spanish Language Service

Code Location Email Phone AFTN
  MCO Orlando +1-407-477 6362 MCOFSXH

MNL Flight Service station

Manila, Philippines Station Manager: Cynthia Claros
Regions covered: ASI PAC
Specialist services: Regional Support Asia Pacific

Code Location Email Phone AFTN
  MNL Manila +1-321-3351-0333 MNLFSXH

SAN Flight Service station

San Diego, CA, USA Station Manager: Ben Zavadil
Regions covered: NAM PAC
Specialist services: Regional Support West Coast USA, Pacific

Code Location Email Phone AFTN
  SAN San Diego +1-321-351-0333 SANFSXH